Monday, September 30, 2002


Se7en is an interesting and ingenious movie. It’s the story of missionary type serial killer, who forces each of his victims to die by acting out one of the seven deadly sins. The Catholic Church’s seven deadly sins are Gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, pride, and lust.

When retiring homicide detective Somerset investigates a unique murder of an obese man brutally murdered in his home, ( Script writer Andrew Kevin Walker plays as the corpse) the seasoned investigator in him tells that it is only the beginning. It proved true when mysterious John Doe start killing his victims in a strange religious fashion with extreme cruelty.

Detective Somerset is almost burned out by seeing the senseless violence around him and retiring voluntarily from his profession. He instantly knew that the new murder investigation is going to be a problem to his retirement plans. Still he reluctantly involved in the investigation primarily because of his superior’s insistence, who thinks the replacing detective Mills is too young to handle a case like this. Another reason could be Somerset may also fascinate with the enigmatic killer’s unconventional methods.

Mills, the young detective is energetic and enthusiastic contrary to the calm and wise approach of Somerset. They don’t appreciate each other in the beginning but after the initial animosity they became rather close friends thanks to Mills wife Tracy.

As the methodical murders continue, Mills learns a lot from the seasoned detective Somerset. Together they try to confront the murderer and understand his motivation. Yet something is still elusive, until one day the mysterious murderer surrender himself to the investigating duo with a peculiar demand. Mills and Somerset are about to get involved in something they are not prepared or imagined even in their wildest dreams!

In many qualities this film surpasses the acclaimed hits like Silence of the Lambs and many of the so called serial killer movies. Andrew Kevin Walker’s screenplay is the backbone of this bleak thriller. His script alone made this film a modern classic and a study in deviant psychology.

David Fincher made Se7en with remarkable panache while vividly provoking undulating emotions from poignant scenes. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt are giving their best performance as Somerset and Mills. You will see a different Brad Pitt in Se7en, not the usual chocolate hero. Kevin Spacey is brilliantly cast as the diabolically mysterious John Doe. His portrayal of the elusive and exceptional serial killer win a lot of accolade to him and many consider the role is his tour de force. Gwyneth Paltrow provides serenity to the scenes as the supportive wife to Brad Pitt’s character Mills. A nihilistic film-noir for the filmophiles and a must for mystery buffs.
Also known as : Seven, The Seven Deadly Sins
Year 1995
Director : David Fincher
Script : Andrew Kevin Walker
Cast: Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey
Genre : Crime, Mystery, Drama, Film-Noir, Horror, Thriller
Language: English
Colour: Colour - DeLuxe
Runtime: 127 min
Cyril's Rating: Excellent


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